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  • Whiting Turner
  • Frank Schipper
  • Sherwood Development
  • Mike Rovner
  • Alisal Builders
  • Avalon Bay Company
  • Regis Contractors
  • Driver Urban




Since 1980, we have been installing site concrete and masonry with a commitment to quality and customer service. Michael Seay started the company after graduating from UCSB and quickly started working with some of the most sought after architects in the area. He gained a reputation for being the man to see for high quality custom work. As time went on, he added to this a large number of residential builders who came to rely on the expertise and precision that Seacon delivers. Builders in the commercial sector also started seeking out Seacon because of our professionalism and reliability. We continue to build on these qualities.We have ongoing training for our staff in the field and in the office. Our company wide focus is customer satisfaction. We are constantly looking for ways to do things better to benefit our clients. We look forward to working with you.
  • Cobalt
  • Matt Construction
  • McCoy
  • HMH Constructors
  • Minardos Group
  • Clark Builders
  • Fassberg Contracting
  • JD Group